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Management Team

Pete Balint, Co-Founder

Pete Balint is the Dominion partner in charge of transaction monitoring development and optimization.  Transaction monitoring and alert management are among the most challenging aspects of AML compliance.  Pete makes this challenge easier to meet by bringing nearly 10 years of “in-the-trenches” experience to developing effective monitoring scenarios and reducing the amount of low value or “false-positive” alerts that all monitoring systems are known to produce. 

Dominion understands that the first crucial step in AML compliance is the ability to accurately detect potentially suspicious activity.  The largest AML compliance failures of the past decade were born from the inability to properly detect suspicious activity and the catastrophic decisions that emerge when institutions find themselves buried under endless numbers of alerts.  Pete has led Dominion’s efforts to fix these problems and he has done so at some of the nation’s largest banks and in many of the most notable AML compliance actions of the last decade.

Pete oversees the implementation of processes to analyze alerts, develop specific monitoring programs for high-risk customers such as PEPs and cash intense businesses and high-risk products like correspondent banking and remote deposit capture.

Pete earned his BA from Georgetown University.

Featured Case

Management Information Reporting


Facing the challenge of tracking the work of over 30 investigators, thousands of alerts, hundreds of cases, and dozens of SARs each month, our client asked Dominion’s FIU team to write the user requirements for an advanced case management system.

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