The Dominion Difference

Dominion is the trusted AML advisor for dozens of financial institutions.  Whether the client be a mid-sized domestic retail bank, an international venture capital group or a global financial services leader, our unmatched record of client success and satisfaction is what drives our business.  The vast majority of our new client relationships are based on referrals from existing and/or previous clients.  Our clients become our primary source for future work as they regularly refer us to other banks, law firms, colleagues, and peers.   Dominion considers each engagement to be a true partnership with the financial institution and seeks to develop a long term collaboration.

With Dominion there is a clear difference

Dominion’s partners and senior managers are fully engaged on all client work

We bring those people with the most experience right up to the front lines.  Our clients expect to receive the benefit of our experts – and they do every day.  Partners and managers are accessible, accountable, and responsive to our clients.

Dominion is independent and stable

Dominion is an independent firm that is not owned or funded by outsiders.  This means we are not answerable to anyone other than our clients.  Dominion’s distinct culture, dedication to client satisfaction and comradery result in low staff turnover and consistent work product.  The average Dominion employee has been with the firm for at least six years and many more have been with the firm since its inception in 2005.  Ultimately, this stability leads to superior work product and uninterrupted client service.

AML is an operation

At Dominion we know that AML is more complex than a collection of written policies and procedures. AML compliance, done right, is like a machine – it involves many components, each with its own function required to work together at the right time and in the right way to get the desired result. Understanding this machinery is where Dominion’s expertise shines.

Dominion’s team brings decades of experience to our clients

Dominion only hires financial crime experts with extensive experience with banks, payment processors, law enforcement and regulators.  The “typical” Dominion consultant has at least ten years of AML experience.  Simply put, we hire only the best and bring that talent to our clients.

We “look back” and “look forward”

Many AML matters have a crucial component of retrospective assessment and remediation. But more important is building and maintaining a sustainable and cost efficient AML compliance program. Our understanding of the intricacy and machine like operational requirements of the business processes needed for AML compliance is unmatched.

Precision planning and execution

AML projects are often large and complex. If not planned properly they drag on too long, cost too much and the results are ineffective and/or unsustainable. Dominion’s planning, budgeting and execution is precise. Our project management experience, budgeting tools and unique understanding of AML’s toughest challenges means our clients can be assured we solve problems and solve them on time.