Who Hires Dominion?

Dominion is hired by:

  • BSA/AML Officers
  • FIU Directors
  • Chief Compliance or Risk Officers
  • General Counsel
  • Outside Counsel
  • Boards of Directors

Why Dominion?

Since 2005 dozens of mid-sized and large domestic and foreign banks as well as top tier law firms have retained Dominion. While each client has specific challenges they must address, each hires us for similar reasons.

A new AML Director needs an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the AML operations.

A financial institution’s monitoring, investigation and reporting program needs to be improved.

A regulatory or audit examination resulting in critical findings, Matters Requiring Attention or an enforcement action.

The transaction monitoring or sanctions screening system needs to be optimized to improve effectiveness or reduce the output of low value alerts.

The BSA/AML department is burdened with large inventories of alerts and investigations, jeopardizing compliance with FinCEN mandated SAR filing time frames.

A program to identify, risk rank and perform EDD on high-risk customers is needed.

The client is aware of a law enforcement request in which the financial institution, officers, or the client’s customers are the focus.

Key staff and management have left and interim assistance is needed.

A complex money laundering or financial crime investigation must be completed and the client does not have the expertise or specialization needed.

A payment processor needs to ensure their customers are in compliance with agreed upon AML monitoring and reporting commitments.